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HRrenewal- just patching and layering

HRrenewal 1.0 is SAP’s “safe” approach to upgrading SAP HR by adding new UI layer and few functions. It’s just a small upgrade for the on-premise clients. SAP Community Network has detailed information in blogs like HR Renewal FAQs. SAP intrigued me with one of their product, SAP Scouting, in totally different area of football!! I am not an expert at SAP Scouting, but my understanding is that it helps the football team “SF 49ers” build a better team. Team? Isn’t is also important for HR to help build good teams? Instead of draining resources on patching and layering, SAP should review and rebuild HR on newer concepts like SAP Scouting.

SAP should lead in adding new concepts and technology into SAP HR. Workday has tickled SAP by just adding cloud concept. One can only imagine the power of a good HR solution that begins with baking social, mobile and Bigdata concepts into core functionality.

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