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15- Appendix

Important information you might need.

The objective of this chapter is provide theOSSnotes that are very important along with the entries for important resource websites. Introduce BPX community.

15.1   Important ECM SAP Notes

The following are some of the important ECM SAP notes.

SAP Note # SAP Note description
1121960 Extension of help text for Anytime Review flag
1164142 Extend package interface PAOC_ECM_ADM_BL
919298 Compensation Planning ECM displays ineligible employees
886465 Survey Data upload does not store the 60th percentile
878336 ECM Function modules: parameter to ease BAdI implementations
879720 FAQ Enterprise Compensation Management
921064 Runtime error when removing job match
891774 Runtime error in IMG step Define Guideline Matrices
605114 Authority check for Compensation approval process
1141686 Incorrect data is displayed in the TCS

15.2   List of Infotypes

Infotype number Infotype name
0758 Compensation Programs
0759 Compensation Process
0760 Compensation eligibility override
0761 LTI granting
0762 LTI exercising
0763 LTI Participant data
1001 A/B300- Financing of org units
1001 A/B003- Belongs to (Budget unit to budget unit structure)
1500 Budget structure element management

List of Objects

Object type Object Description
BU Budget Unit

List of tables

List of tables Table description

15.3   Transaction codes

Transaction code Transaction name
PECM_START_BDG_BSP Start Budget Administration
PECM_GENERATE_BUDGET Generate budget from organizational hierarchy
PECM_INIT_BUDGET Upload budget values from personnel cost planning
PECM_CHK_BUDGET Check and release budget
PECM_CONV_BDG_STKUN Convert budget stock unit
PECM_CHANGE_STATUS Change compensation process status
PECM_CREATE_COMP_PRO Create compensation process records
PECM_UPD_0008_1005 Update basic pay from planned compensation
PECM_PRINT_CRS Print compensation review statement
PECM_CREATE_0758 Create compensation program records
PECM_PROCESS_EVENT Process event for LTI grants
PECM_CONV_LTI_STKUN Convert LTI grant stock unit
PECM_PARTICIP_IDOC Export LTI participant data
PECM_GRANT_IDOC Export LTI grant data
PECM_EXERCISE_IDOC Import LTI exercising data
PECM_START_JPR_BSP Start job pricing
PECM_QUERY_SURVEY Extract data for survey participation

15.4   List of BAdI

BAdI Name BAdI Description
HRECM00_ACTIVATION Replace activation procedure or new infotype determination
HRECM00_BDG0001 EC budgeting
HRECM00_CACLBASE Replace determination of calculation base salary
HRECM00_CARGP Replace evaluation of compensation area
HRECM00_CP1GP Replace evaluation of first compensation program grouping
HRECM00_CP2GP Replace evaluation of second compensation program grouping
HRECM00_EFFDATE Replace increase or award effective date
HRECM00_ELIGIBILITY Replace or extend eligibility check
HRECM00_ELIGP Replace evaluation of eligibility group
HRECM00_GDEGP Replace evaluation of guideline grouping
HRECM00_GUIDELINE Replace or extend guideline evaluation
HRECM00_MATRIX_SEGM Define axis for matrix guideline
HRECM00_SALARY Replace evaluation of salary and salary related quantities

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